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About Nanjing Movelaser

World's Biggest Wind Measurement LiDAR OEM

Nanjing MOVELASER Co., Ltd., established in May 2015, is the promoter and leader of wind monitoring lidar system application in wind power industry, and has become one of the largest wind measurement LiDAR OEMs globally. 

The LiDAR technology and core R&D were from Shanghai Institute of Optics and Mechanics (SIOM), and we are the one of the OEMs on the market who has a comprehensive grasp of the core system, a large number of patent layout and core technical capabilities. 

Technical Capabilities

  • Authorized patents: 16 items, including invention patents: 10 items
  • Applied patents: 31 items, including PCT applications: 3 items

Market Share

  • We occupy 50% domestic market share of ground based wind monitoring LiDAR industry;
  • We occupy 80% domestic market share of nacelle mounted LiDAR industry;


Ground Based LiDAR Deployed


Nacelle Mounted LiDAR Deployed


Manufacturing Capability


Hours of wind data captured by Movelaser LiDARs

Movelaser developed vertical profiler, front looking, and 3D Scanning wind lidars for onshore, offshore wind resource measurement, wind measurement for wind turbine control, wind farm wake & shear measurement, and meteorological applications etc.

Certificates & Recognitions of Molas B300 Ground Based Wind LiDARs

Our products, especially the vertical wind profiler, have been validated and accepted by the technical authorities in the industry such as DNV-GL, Windguard, DTU and CGC etc. 

DNV-GL Type Specific Classification Report - Stage 3 Equivalent

The Onshore wind monitoring LiDAR Molas B300 acquired its Type specific classification report done by DNV-GL in May 2021, which is equivalent with former DNV-GL Stage 3 statement. 

Windguard Validation

DNV-GL Validation

DTU Validation

CGC Validation

Contac Us to request the full document of the reports above. 

Our Customers

Our wind measurement LiDARs are trusted by both domestic and international wind turbine OEMs and wind farm developers

Nanjing Movelaser Customers.