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Equipped with Molas B300M floating wind lidar system successfully launched in Guangdong waters


Recently, through close cooperation between Nanjing Movelaser Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ” Movelaser “) and well-known floating wind measurement system manufacturers in the industry, the floating wind measurement lidar system equipped with Molas B300M was successfully launched in Guangdong waters. Molas B300M is a wind measurement lidar specially designed for the marine environment by Movelaser. It not only inherits all the advantages of Molas B300, such as high measurement accuracy, strong environmental adaptability, and high protection level, but also adds corrosion resistance and other design, which can be fully adapted Marine salt fog, high humidity and other environments. Prior to this, Molas M300 has been used in marine uplift stations, drilling platforms, wind tower platforms and buoys for many times. The Molas M300 used in the buoy system integrates a self-developed motion compensation algorithm, which can ensure high-precision measurement of wind speed in the motion attitude.

Molas M300 floating wind lidar for offshore wind measurement on buoy

With the gradual maturity of floating wind turbine technology, the demand for the development of wind farm resources in the deep sea area has also increased rapidly. The excessively high construction cost of fixed platforms for offshore wind Met-mast and the dilemma of the inability to build fixed platforms for pile foundations in deep sea areas limit the resource development process of offshore wind farms. Floating wind measurement lidars are both less-costly, convenience of construction and deep-sea construction. It can better assist and promote the development of offshore wind power. This time, the floating body carried by Molas B300M fully considers stability, wave following performance, algorithm friendliness, reuse economy, quality control standardization, anti-corrosion and crashworthiness, production convenience,transportation timeliness, anti-destructive safety, etc. , The whole system has high integration, high wind measurement accuracy, stable and reliable data transmission, and can meet the requirements of running for more than five months under no wind and no light conditions. This type of floating wind measurement lidar system of Movelaser has rich experience in launching and has been tested against the typhoon condition many times.

At present, there are many types of floating wind lidar products. In addition to the safety of the entire floating body, OWA (Offshore Wind Accelerator) has made clear regulations on the accuracy and efficiency of floating wind lidar measurement data. The output result of the entire system including the data efficiency and data accuracy of the wind lidar is an important basis for judging the floating wind lidar system. It is believed that floating wind lidar will rapidly rise in the offshore wind measurement market to help wind power development and carbon neutrality.

Molas M300 floating wind lidar for offshore wind measurement on buoy

Molas B300M floating wind measurement lidar system real shots at sea