High Performance Remote Sensing Wind LiDAR with High Correlation with Cup Anemometer

Nanjing Movelaser Technology Co., Ltd is a trusted manufacturer of LiDAR wind monitoring system. The wind LiDAR price has been brought down significantly because of the large-scale production and innovations. They’re relied on by major wind turbine OEMs and wind farm developers. Our onshore and offshore lidar wind measurement system is ideal for wind resource measurements for wind farm development, while our nacelle wind monitoring lidar is perfect for wind measurement for wind turbines to improve their AEP and reduce the structural load. With our 3D scanning wind lidar, you’ll get even more comprehensive view of the wind profile in wind and meteorology industry, like wind turbine wake and aircraft vortex after take-off!


Molas B300- Doppler LiDAR wind Measurement System - Bankable

Molas B300 onshore doppler wind lidar is the product series of Molas lidar wind profile measurement which has been on the market since 2017. It’s made to use in onshore wind measurement, both on fixed installation or on mobile carts for profiling measurements on site.

Molas B300 is also the first Chinese wind LiDAR fully classify by DNV-GL against IEC61400-12-1 ed2 to make its data bankable for wind farm project financing.

It is a fully integrated wind lidar on an aluminum casing with 100% tested in the factory before delivery. The conventional design gives the product a high robustness and gives it the freedom to operate on harsh onshore site environments, such as high altitude, high & low temperature. And the Molas B300 can also be customized to fit your site specific requirements.

The lidar is easy to operation, maintain and can be serviced on site. No need for onsite IT technicians. The product has a built in web interface for configuration and remote monitoring.

Turn-Key Remote Wind LiDAR System Base On Molas B300 System

Together with our partner in Australia, we also offer and ship Patented Turn-key wind monitoring LiDAR system globally. Key features of the system: 

  • All-inclusive: LiDAR, power supply, and communication system (3G/4G by default, Satellite communication optional) are all included;
  • Portable: the whole system can be transported with 4X4 trailer;
  • Easy to Operate: can be setup by 2 technicians within half an hour after the system arrives on site;
  • Great quality: no comprise considered when talk about quality;

Molas B300M- Doppler offshore wind lidars

Moals B300M is a wind monitoring LiDAR system for high-accuracy measurement from air (40m to 350m above water level) and has been developed for offshore wind farm developers.

The B300M is a compact, robust and environmentally sealed device which can be autonomously operated thanks to its capability to communicate with the satellite network system allowing remote control of the equipment status and data real-time transfer.

The B300M can be used both in motion (Buoy platform) or static process without any limitation in terms of performance. The system is able to deliver high accuracy measurements thanks to its motion attitude correction algorithm.


Molas NL - Nacelle Mounted LiDAR Wind Monitoring System

Molas NL developed by Movelaser is a nacelle mounted wind measurement lidar that provides the finest wind data in front of the wind turbine rotor for forward control to improve the wind turbine AEP and reduce its structural load as well. It can measure accurate wind speed and direction data at any point between 50 and 400m. It can measureme wind data at 10 gates with 5Hz sampling rate. Its modular design makes it scalable and easily mountable on any turbine type.

Movelaser is also the exclusive supplier of nacelle mounted lidars to leading manufacturer Gold. Molas NL has been successfully deployed on Goldwind GW82, 95, 107 turbines with more than 2,000 units having been put into operation.

Molas NL wind monitoring LiDAR is the perfect tool for improving the performance of wind turbines and validating power curves, especially for offshore wind farms. With its advanced features and capabilities, Molas NL wind LiDAR makes turbine performance assessment easier than ever before. 

Molas 3D- Scanning LiDAR Wind Monitoring System

The Molas 3D Scanning wind monitoring lidar system is a product that has been designed to measure the velocity and direction of the wind. It was created by Movelaser based in Nanjing, China, which specializes in developing laser technologies for measuring wind. Their goal is to create the most accurate and cost-effective solutions for measurements of atmospheric conditions: not just wind speed but also turbulence, precipitation intensity, etc.  

The Molas 3D Scanning wind measurement lidar is easy to access and can be configured with wireless and remote access. It has a variety of working modes, including Planar Position Indicator (PPI), Range Height Indicator (RHI), Doppler Beam Swinging (DBS) & Spot Scanning mode. This makes it an extremely versatile tool for measuring wind in a variety of settings. It can be used for wind turbine wake measurement, wind energy measurement in complex terrain, and shear analysis. Additionally, it can help to control the power output of a wind farm based on measured turbulence and wind turbine wakes. This makes the Molas lidar an essential tool for anyone working with or studying wind energy.

Furthermore, it can also be used in meteorological detection and environmental monitoring. This includes atmospheric pollution diffusion transport, as well as meteorological conditions of diffusion. It also makes it a great tool for civil aviation weather measurements at airports or during international & national sports events that take place outdoors where wind is involved (such as golf, tennis, kite surfing).