Molas B300 - Bankable Remote Sensing Doppler Wind LiDAR Systems - Onshore & Offshore Projects

  • Fully Classified by DNV-GL according to IEC61400-12-1 ed2
  • Cost Effective – Under massive production
  • Robust Design – IP67 protection
  • Complex Terrain Service – Data re-construction with no extra cost

The Molas B300 Doppler wind LiDAR was developed by Movelaser, based on all-fiber coherent doppler effect, through the 4-beam VAD scanning vector synthesis technology, can measure wind speed and direction in 30-300 m above the lidar. In addition, air temperature, humidity and other parameters can be measured by the sensor module. Molas B300 has the characteristics of high precision, stable system performance, maintenance friendly and data security.

It has been tested by DNV-GL (Type specification classification test and independent performance test), WINDGUARD and DTU. Molas B300 onshore wind LiDAR can be applied for onshore and offshore Wind Resource Assessment (WRA), Power Curve Validation (PCV), Wind Power Prediction system, operation management of wind farm, atmospheric physics research, weather forecast, etc.

The four core modules of Molas B300, including fiber lidar emitter, laser transceiver system, high-speed data acquisition system, data processing softwareare independently developed by Movelaser. The core modules, which have a high degree of matching and ensure the unified coordination and data information security of the whole machine system, have reached international advanced level.

Core patents
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Units have been deployed world wide
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Correlation with cup anemometer
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Molas B300 Advantages

Large Range

Measurement between 40m to 300m

High Precision

WIth 0.1m/s accuracy, and more than 99% correlation with cup anemometer.

Data Security

Wireless encrypted data transmission

Easy Operation

Plug and Play design, easy setup and operation, and service free

Molas B300- Doppler wind lidar systems


Measuring distance


Measure the number of Heights

12 (User Configurable)

Sampling frequency


Wind speed measurement accuracy


Wind direction measurement accuracy

Wind speed measurement range


Wind direction measurement range


Download the Full specification of Molas B300.

Data output

Horizontal wind speed, vertical wind speed, wind direction, time stamp, GPS, temperature and humidity pressure, statistical data

Data Format



RJ45 Cable, 3G/4G,WiFi, and Satellite communication (optional)

Powered Supply

24V DC,90~270V

Power Consumption



(with handle)


 50 kg

Range of working temperature

-40℃ ~ 50℃

Working humidity range

 0%  to 100%

Protection level

 IP67 (Housing)

Eye safety

Class 1M(EN60825-1)

Applications of Molas B300 Onshore Wind LiDAR

Wind Resource Assessment

Micro Siting

Wind Power Prediction

Meteorological Measurement

Power Curve Validation

Certification and Calibration Reports of Molas B300 Doppler Wind LiDAR

DNV-GL Type Specific Classification For Molas B300 Doppler wind LiDAR Systems

DNV-GL has conducted an independent classification assessment of three lidar units of type MOLAS B300 doppler wind LiDAR according to the IEC 61400-12-1 Ed. 2 [4].

The classification measurement campaigns took place over two sites, with one Lidar deployed at two different sites and another lidar deployed at one site, so a total of three separate campaigns were analysed. DNV was responsible for conducting all three classfication campaigns. The first and the second classification campaigns took place at the Hamburg and Janneby test site to classify the unit MOLAS B300-117 [1] [2]. The third classification campaign took place also in Hamburg to classify the second unit MOLAS B300-202 [3].

In the report, a summary of all classification task assessments of the type MOLAS B300 lidar are shown in the picture left, and the type-specific class and standard uncertaintity of Molas B300 are average 2.4% and 1.4% respectively.

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Windguard Calibration Report

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DTU Calibration Report

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Installation, Commissioning Instructions & SCADA of Molas B300 Doppler Wind LiDAR

Training Video of Installation and Commissioning Molas B300 doppler Wind LiDAR

Also shows the robust design and top manufacturing quality. 

User Instruction of Molas B300

Click HERE to download the User Instruction of Molas B300 doppler wind LiDAR. 

Wind LiDAR SCADA System

Movelaser Global Wind LiDAR SCADA system allows global users to monitor, data downloading, and trouble-shoot remotely for  the LiDARs on site. 

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