Molas CL - Wind Turbine Blade Clearance Measurement LiDAR

With the advancement of technology in recent years, wind power has developed rapidly as a clean energy source. Under the action of the wind, the blades of the wind turbine drive the power generation equipment to convert the wind energy into electrical energy. During the operation of the turbines, with the change of the wind (especially the gust), the deformation of the blades will also change during operation. In extreme cases, there is the possibility of blade sweeping the tower. Therefore, the real-time monitoring of the blade tip clearance is of great significance to the safe operation of the wind turbine. Molas CL, the blade tip clearance measurement lidar was developed to tackle this issue. Molas CL can real-time monitor and measure the clearance between the blade tip and tower. When the minimum clearance value reached the setting, the control system of the wind turbine can increase the pitch angle of the blades and reduce the rotor speed to avoid the blade collision incident to happen.  At the same time, the application of Molas CL on wind turbines can also lower down the blade cost and reduce the wind turbine design safety risk. 

Molas CL- Blade Clearance Measurement LiDAR



Distance Measurement Parameters

Working Principle: ToF

Wave Length: 905nm

Laser Safety Class: Class I 

Measurement Distance: 200m@90% reflectivity, 140m@10% reflectivity

Measurement Accuary: ±0.2m

Anti-glare Capability: 100Klux

Working Environment

Working Temperature Range: -40℃ – 60℃ 

Survive Temperature Range: -45℃ – 65℃ 

Working Humidity Range: 0~100%RH

Protection Level: IP65

Laser Beam Angles

Laser Beam 1:

Laser Beam 2: 2.05°±0.2°

Laser Beam 3: 4.09°±0.2°

Data Output

Data Products: equipment ID, measured range, reflectivity, data status, system status

Fieldbus Compatibility:

 Profibus-DP/ Modbus RTU / Can open


Power Consumption: no more than 60w

Power Supply: DC 24V

Dimensions: 200X200X250mm

Weight: 2kg

Working Modes of Molas CL - Blade Clearance Measurement LiDAR

Working Modes of Molas CL

Trend Measurement

Measurement on Gates

Real-time Single Point Feedback

blade clearance measurement lidar

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