Nacelle wind lidar molas nl

Molas NL nacelle wind lidar applied on Siemens offshore 4.0MW wind turbines

In June 2019, Movelaser Molas NL nacelle-based wind lidar was installed at an offshore wind farm in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province.It was applied to the power curve verification of offshore wind turbines.The wind turbine is Siemens 4.0MW model with a hub height of 90 meters and a blade length of 62.5 meters.The cost of setting up a offshore Met-mast is millions of RMB, which is difficult to construct, expensive and unable to move. Movelaser Molas NL nacelle-based wind lidar can adapt to the marine environment very well, the equipment cost is low, installation and dismantling only takes half a day, saving a lot of time and costs. It is currently the best choice for offshore wind measurement for power curve validation.

Molas NL is able to measure the wind speed information of 10 distance zones from 50m to 400m in front of the hub. It can accurately and reliably collect information such as wind speed, wind direction and turbulence even under harsh offshore conditions.After more than two months of operation, Molas NL has performed well in the marine environment, providing customers with accurate and effective wind speed information and professional data analysis report, which provides strong data support for this offshore wind turbine power curve verification project.

At present, Molas NL nacelle-based wind lidar has been applied in various domestic wind turbine manufacturers such as Goldwind, Envision, Shanghai Electric, Windey, CSIC and Sany, and have shown excellent performance.