Molas B300 acquired DNV-GL Type-specific Classification

In April 2021, DNVGL provided the final type-specific classification test report (Type-specific Classsification) for Nanjing Movelaser Technology Co., Ltd. Molas B300 wind measurement lidar. Molas B300 has become the first and only wind lidar made in China that has completed the classification test requirements specified by IEC61400-12-1.

The entire test lasted for nearly a year, during which DNVGL and Movelaser jointly overcome the impact of the epidemic and successfully completed the three test stages required by the classification test. During the test, a total of two Molas B300 wind lidars have undergone rigorous testing at DNVGL’s Hamburg and Janneby test bases in Germany.

According to the IEC 61400-12-1 standard, the classification test of equipment requires at least two equipment units to be tested at two different sites, and at least one equipment unit must be deployed on two sites, which requires each type at least three stages of classification test shall be carried out. In response to the standard requirements, Movelaser sent two Molas B300s to Germany to participate in the test. Device A was tested in Hamburg for 3 months, Janneby was tested for nearly 4 months, and Device B was tested in Janneby for 4 months.

The classification test is to evaluate the influence of environmental parameters (including temperature gradient, temperature, wind direction, turbulence intensity, wind direction change rate, rainfall, inflow angle) on the measurement accuracy of wind lidar. The test results show that Molas B300 is at a relatively excellent level. Classification testing helps customers have a deeper understanding of the measurement performance of Molas B300, and provides guidance for customers to use Molas B300 for wind resource evaluation, power curve testing, power prediction and other purposes. The classification test report can also be used as an important basis for bank loans when domestic and foreign customers develop new projects.

Before the classification test, the Molas B300 wind lidar has obtained the DNVGL comparative test report (Verification), the result is very good, and it is at the international leading level. Since 2016, Molas B300 has successively obtained multiple test reports from German WindGuard, Danish DTU, German DNVGL and domestic CGC.