Movelaser’s Strategic Partner Blue Aspirations Achieves Success with Molas B300M in OWA Stage2 Certification

Blue Aspirations, as a strategic partner of Movelaser, proudly announces the successful completion of the OWA Stage2 certification for the BA-FLS-NX5 offshore floating LiDAR system, equipped with Movelaser’s cutting-edge offshore wind measurement LiDAR – Molas B300M. 

The BA-FLS-NX5, a floating LiDAR wind measurement system featuring the Movelaser Molas B300M, has achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first in China to pass the OWA Stage2 certification with domestically produced LiDAR. This accomplishment follows Blue Aspirations’ success in October 2023 when two LiDAR systems, employing different technological routes (Continuous Wave LiDAR ZX 300M and Pulsed Wave LiDAR Windcube V2 Offshore), simultaneously passed the OWA Stage2 certification test with outstanding results. 

The certification report from the international independent third-party organization DNV reveals remarkable performance data during the six-month testing period. The equipment surpassed OWA Stage2 best practice standards, reaffirming the high reliability in power supply systems, data communication, floating stability, mooring systems, and redundancy backups. As depicted in the chart, the effective data completeness rate at various heights remained consistently above 97.3%, with an average wind speed difference below 0.1m/s. The wind speed relative error did not exceed 1.15%, and the wind direction indicators significantly outperformed the best practice benchmarks. These outstanding results not only contribute to the recognition of LiDAR systems in China but also underscore their global competitiveness.

The BA-FLS-NX5 LiDAR system, featuring Movelaser Molas B300M, demonstrated exceptional performance during the OWA Stage2 certification test. The key indicators, such as effective data completeness rate, average wind speed difference, wind speed relative error, and wind direction accuracy, consistently surpassed the best practice standards. Molas B300M, developed by Movelaser, is a dedicated wind measurement LiDAR designed for offshore applications. Building upon the advantages of its predecessor, Molas B300, this LiDAR further enhances the overall protection level and resistance to salt spray corrosion. It is engineered to meet the rigorous environmental conditions at sea. Equipped with a high-precision inertial measurement unit and attitude compensation algorithm, Molas B300M can be deployed on buoys, vessels, and other non-fixed carriers, providing real-time, high-precision wind speed measurements. 

The successful OWA Stage2 certification of the BA-FLS-NX5 LiDAR system with Molas B300M is the culmination of years of continuous effort by the Blue Aspirations and Movelaser team. As a trailblazer in the wind power industry for the application of LiDAR systems, Movelaser remains committed to contributing to the innovative development of global offshore wind power, fostering collaboration among industry chain enterprises, empowering green development, and maintaining an active role in sustainable progress.

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