Molas B300 Wind LiDAR succeeded in extremely low temperature site

On December 17, 2021, Nanjing Movelaser Technology Co., Ltd. successfully completed the lidar wind measurement project in northern Kazakhstan. After 3 months of cold winter test, the data efficiency has reached over 99%, which has been highly recognized by customers.

Project details: The northern region of Kazakhstan is severely affected by low temperature freezing and snowfall, and the minimum temperature can reach minus 40°C, resulting in a low efficiency of wind measurement data collected by the existing wind measurement towers. The satellite image of the project site is shown below:

Site location

After full communication, according to the project requirements and the actual situation on site, our company plans to use the ground-based wind measurement lidar Molas B300 product to supplement wind measurement in the project area, and use the lidar wind measurement data to interpolate the wind measurement data of the wind tower.  The Molas B300 series ground-based wind lidar has the advantages of high measurement accuracy, high equipment reliability, low temperature resistance, strong environmental adaptability, easy installation and movement, data security and reliability, etc., which can provide more accurate and reliable data for this project. 

onshore wind lidar under extremely low temperature
Site Installation Photo

The installation was carried out at the project location on December 16, 2021. And, the installation and commissioning were successful on December 17, 2021, and the wind measurement data was also synchronized. Started to send normally, the project was successfully completed in just 2 days.

Molas B300 is an all-fiber Doppler ground-based wind measurement lidar independently developed by our company through years of accumulated project application experience and innovative combination of wind measurement technology. It is based on Doppler frequency effect and through VAD scanning vector synthesis technology. Complete the measurement of wind speed and direction 30-300 meters above the radar. Molas B300 has the advantages of high measurement accuracy, stable system performance, easy maintenance, safe and reliable data, and convenient use. It is an effective alternative to wind measurement towers. At present, it has passed the test and certification of WINDGUARD, DTU, DNV-GL, Jianheng Certification, China Meteorological Administration, etc., the world’s authoritative wind power assessment institutions, and can be widely used in wind resource assessment, post-assessment of wind farms, wind power prediction systems, and wind farm operations. Management, atmospheric physics research, meteorological detection and forecasting and other scenarios.

In the future, Movelaser will continue to focus on high-quality products, advanced technology, and high-quality services, lead the development of the global wind measurement technology industry, and contribute to the “zero carbon” goal.